Friday, February 24, 2012

Drop Yarns, Not Bombs

Hey hey you guys, happy new year and all that... Guess I missed that boat, huh?

Anyway, just quickly, look at some of my Chrissie swag... This is miles and miles of rather wonderful, incredibly fine, blue merino knit from my Aunty (haven't figured out what I'm going to make into yet), and a monk bag that my Dad made for me. He reverse-engineered the pattern from a bag that he was given from Cambodia. How good is it?

Anyway, I've been madly doing uni stuff, but I've had a smidge of time for tomfoolery and hijinks, so I joined the Yarn Corner yarn-bombing (aka knit graffiti) collective. This week, I put up my first yarn bomb! It was part of a group project commissioned by the GoGet share care company, to mark their 300th car (I think?). So, we had to do it in the orange(ish) and blue company colours. Some people did decorative bits for cars, and others did covers for the GoGet car station poles. That's what I did, and here's my effort. (You can see the monk bag at work in the bottom corner!)

The stripy bits are by me, and the ruffly bit is by another Yarn Corner member. Isn't it cool? Here's how to do it. It's on the corner of Pelham and Barry St in Carlton, just near the University of Melbourne Law School, if you want to go and see. Keep your eyes open, and you'll probably see a whole lot more of them around, too!