Friday, December 9, 2011

In Which I am a Grown-Up, Briefly.

Here's a story about what to do with trousers that fit weird.

I started with this pair of trousers:

I bought them in a hurry when I was working boring office jobs, because I needed a new pair of trousers. They were pretty nice trousers, and nice fabric, but to be honest they didn't fit comfortably. They were too tight around my thighs, but too loose at the waist. They did the job for going to work, but after I went back to uni, I just didn't enjoy wearing them.

Usually, I would just donate them to charity, but they'd had a lining which had got ripped, and I'd taken up the bottom of the legs a bit shonkily, so they weren't really op-shoppable. So, rather than waste them, I decided to turn them into a short skirt.

After hacking the trousers to bits, I found that I had plenty of fabric left over to make the front of a waist coat, so with the addition of some lining fabric and some snazzy silver buttons I picked up in Japan, I got this rather natty little ensemble:

Looks pretty smart and grown-up huh? Fear ye not! I haven't gone all sensible or anything. You see, while I was sewing the above ensemble, I was also watching 'Thor'. It's a good sewing movie because it's basically stretches of stuff I don't need to watch (and can run the sewing machine through), punctuated with short bursts of Tom Hiddleston. And he is the best kind of punctuation. Well, maybe the second best, after proper and grammatical use of punctuation marks. That is also pretty sexy.

Wait, what? I don't know where I was going with that metaphor. Anyway, the point is, large swathes of 'Thor' are basically cape porn, and I found myself thinking: "What I am really missing in life is a cape. A really good, swooshy cape."

So, I took myself off to the fabric shop, and spent a really long time picking up different botls of fabric and swooshing them around until I found something that gave the effect I wanted. I bought enough to go from my shoulders to the ground, plus a bit extra for a fudge margin.

To get good fullness in the cape, I got 150cm wide fabric, and pleated one end down to the width of my shoulders. The effect was that it fit across my back at the top, but could fly out wide at the bottom. And them I sewed straps to the pleated end, so I could tie it on my back.

I wear it by taking a tie under over each shoulder, and then tying a bow behind my back, just under my shoulder blades. It's a little restrictive, but it works. The only thing is, the cape does tend to slide down my shoulders a little, because it's quite heavy. But the effect in general is quite good. It swooshes. Oh, how it swooshes.

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