Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shelf Life.

You may recall, I've spoken of the joys of hard rubbish day before. Well, here is another such tale. You see, once upon a time, there was a chest of drawers. Alas, but the drawers were long gone, making it merely a Chest-of-No-Drawers.

A sad, hollow existence it was for the poor little Chest-of-No-Drawers, cast out onto the hard, cold footpath, all alone. Awww :'(

But suddenly, in a poof of glitter and thrift, the Fairy Scroungemother appeared. "Why, little Chest-of-No-Drawers," she said, "Look at your fine, sturdy wooden runners, spaced a convenient distance apart. You could support a fine set of shelves of perfect dimensions for storing shoes." So saying, the Fairy Scroungemother scooped up the little chest and took it home (and left it in her room for several months until she got her tax return and could afford a saw and some clamps and some hardboard).

And with a wave of her magic saw, the little Chest-of-No-Drawers became a handy set of shoe shelves.

Hurrah! :D

This little revamp project was suuuuper fun because I hadn't done any woodwork-type stuff in ages. So, it was also highly educational. (Note to self, hardboard is probably best attacked with a fine-toothed hacksaw, not a huge, shark-toothed panel saw. Hah... Yeah.) But the upshot is that I am pumped to get into a bit more of this, now I have a basic complement of tools. Probably not full-scale, from-scratch furniture creation, but IKEA hacking (or, hard rubbish hacking :P) and that kind of thing. I'll be looking at hard rubbish day in a whole new light now...

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