Thursday, March 10, 2011

That's How She Rolls

Just a quick one to show off a dice bag I recently made for my friend El's birthday. It has the shapes of the dice from a standard set embroidered on it. To get the shapes onto the fabric, I looked up photos of dice online, then traced the edges in GIMP and arranged them how I wanted. Then I printed out just the outlines, and traced them onto the fabric with chalk, to embroider over. Easy. Peasy.

Here's the embroidery before it was made up into the bag:

Something I really noticed was that the more acute an angle was, the easier it was to render accurately in stitches. I had a bitch of a time with the D20. Embroidery really isn't my strong suit.

To make up the bag, I just stitched the embroidered piece into a tube, and then sewed a circular piece on one end for the bottom of the bag. Added drawstring, and hey presto!

Critical success! (If I do say so myself, heh.)