Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's a Cover Up!

Most of my crafting recently has been themed around covering, camouflaging or encasing things. I've been doing a bunch of little things, just revamping stuff I had because it was practical, but didn't like much. I like this sort of project because it means you can give a new lease of life to something useful that is unattractive or worn out, and I find that satisfying.

My first project is a case in point. Dear SO found two slightly battered but functional chairs discarded on the footpath, and brought them home to a new and more appreciative environment. Free furniture! Score! I was super impressed because it seemed like the sort of thing I would do and he would tell me not to do. But these chairs were so clearly useful, he couldn't pass them up! Even so, after he'd cleaned them up, they were still your basic, unattractive classroom chair. Oh noes, whatever shall we do? If only someone had large amounts of stylish material lying around, waiting for a purpose...

Who ya gonna call? STASH BUSTERS!

And the result is, two chair covers, like so:

It's some fabric I bought at Toraya in Osaka. I love this bold sweeping pattern so much! I'm really glad to have found a use for it that displays it. The covers were gonna be all-over covers, but dear SO wanted them to have space underneath. There has been some thought of covering the legs with coloured electrical tape... Oooh, coloured tape! *wiggles fingers excitedly*

Another kind of covering I've been doing is for my portable consumer electronics. You may recall the iPod cover I made last year (featured toward the bottom of this post). Alas, it has stretched and no longer tightly embraces the 'pod. Also, I had my phone tied up in a rather nice furoshiki that, really, was wasted as a phone wrap. Luckily, I had to hand a whole lot of non-superwash wool yarn and a burning desire to try my hand at felted knitting.

Now, I have failed miserably at putting any scale in this photo, but here's what I started with:

And here's what I ended up with:

The initial plan was to chuck the knitting in the machine on a hot wash... But then I remembered our machine doesn't do hot wash. So, into a bucket of near-scalding soapy water it went, and I rubbed and wooshed it about with my hands for the best part of 15 minutes, I reckon. It didn't look like anything was happening for a while, but then it did, kind of all of a sudden.

The unrefined nature of the process meant the result was a bit uneven, but it was a nice, thick, springy felt. Just right for protecting my poor, delicate electronic life-crutches from the nasty outside, and those cruel, scratchy house keys.

These were the two most exciting of my covering up projects. Most of them were much less exciting, though - just making covers for things to brighten them up. Here's a photo of my favourite example:

This is my cactus, Milligan. I made it a jazzy pot cover by sticking the pot in a (drab, brown) take-away coffee cup, then tying this scrap of weaving I did around the cup. 'Slike magic, innit? Bit by bit, I am going to make everything in my house AWESOME.