Friday, August 27, 2010

Chairperson of the (Notice)Board

Look my SEXY desk...

Ohh, yeah baby. Just look at all that glorious workspace. WORK IT, BABY!

OK, so it's just a pile of IKEA crap, and it's not huge in the scheme of things, but compared to my previous work areas it's a step up. I really like the A-frame leg with the shelves, so I've got somewhere to store my sewing machine, or my lap-top, where it's easy to reach. But wait there's more! I've got natural light, too! Oh, bliss.

In order to maximise space on the shiny new desk, I wanted to have a noticeboard on which to keep all the random bits of paper, pamphlets, cards, etc. that I squirrel away. So, I made one, mostly out of recycled materials, plus some crap I had lying around. And tape.

I started with a large piece o' crap from an op shop:

(I mean, WTF is that? Who wants a huge picture of THAT car, of all cars?)

Next, I added two layers of corrugated cardboard, cut from boxes and trimmed and taped together to fit the backing board. This was for the pins to stick in. The bottom layer is made of a bunch of little bits mosaic-ed together (in order to not waste cardboard), and the top layer is from two larger pieces. I felt like putting the larger pieces on top would help it hold together better.

If I'd been really drowning in cardboard, I reckon three layers would be even better. But two seems to work perfectly well.

To make it look purdy, I stretched some fabric over it, a la a painting canvas.

The fabric is some blue hessian I have left over from a costume party some time ago. I'm really glad I was able to re-use it like this, because if there's one thing I learned at that costume party, it's that there's a very good reason why hessian isn't used for clothes.

End result: Storage FTW! (nb. It's not actually hanging off that nail in the wall, it's sitting on my desk. The string is just to keep it from falling forward.)

Man, yeah, I'm pretty proud of that.

Blog Day Out

Ah-ha! Don't think I didn't see you there, rolling your eyes, thinking I'd forgotten the blog. Nuh-uh, nosiree. I've been thinking about it heaps in the, uh... Five months... Since I last posted. But, it turns out that moving back home from overseas and recontstructing life out all the crap you put in storage is more time-consuming than I expected. I've not had an awful lot of time for making stuff, unfortunately, so there's been nothing to report. In the last five months, I have made exactly four things, and that's including some very utilitarian curtains that I'm not even going to bother showing you.

The projects that meet basic interesting-ness criteria are:

Dice bag: Mega-basic stash-buster, knit in the round (really, only just meets the criteria). As you can see, it's in colours to co-ordinate with my new toys. (Shall we roll to see if I'm massively geeky? Oh wait, it's an automatic success, hehe.)

I like how just changing colour every row with plain old stocking stitch gives a really bold zig-zag effect. Coincidentally, that same effect is in my current WIP, a pair of fingerless gloves (the pattern is 'Fade Fingerless Gloves', a free Ravelry download by Susan Letourneau). These are for dear SO, who has recently been on a glove-losing binge and so needs replacements. Also, random tachikoma for your enjoyment.

The yarn is Morris Estate, bought at the new-ish Morris and Sons yarn store in town. It seems like a pretty nice yarn store. They sell many lovely, lovely yarns, and the shop brand Morris yarns seem rather nice. And you know, Australian and stuff. Shop local, etc, etc.

Continuing in a similar colour scheme, but a different craft - voila! A skirt made from two t-shirts. Check it, yo:

It's made mostly from a Big Day Out t-shirt I bought at BDO in... 2007? Maybe? The year Rage Against The Machine were there, anyway. I was trying to avoid buying more t-shirts, because I had (still have...) so many. But, I really liked the all-over print on this one, so I just bought and XXL one to sew into something else. Three years later... Here it is finally.

(And there you have it, the justification for the preposterous post title.)

Well, come back soon y'all. I reckon things might be going to pick up around here now ;)