Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Young Man and His Daikon

This is my mate, Dan. Everyone say 'Hi, Dan!'.

Dan, a.k.a. Spacebot, makes 8-bit music. He's up there, workin' the gizmos, keeping the crowd dancin', remixing Mario for all he's worth. But it's a little lonely up there under the strobe lights. I know what he needs! A daikon soft toy!

Look how happy it's made him, awwww...

Haha, actually, Dan always used to dance around with a real daikon when he was doing a show, but due to reasons of food wastage and weight (daikon are HEAVY mofo vegetables, srsly) he was looking for an alternative. So, I offered to whip something up for him.

The daikon was one of those projects where you say "Sure! No problems!" right off the cuff, and then when you look at it later you go "Ohhh, but how will I do that bit....?". In this case, 'that bit' was the green stalks at the top. I don't cook with daikon much, so it wasn't until I procured a specimen for study that I realised the stalks are upright, not floppy. Floppy is easy to sew, upright, not so much. I was forced to go and wander around a craft store for inspiration. Oh, the agonies... But I was pretty happy with the solution I came up with. I got some thick, green cord and some 40cm lengths of fine florist's wire. Starting with a length of florist's wire folded in half, I stuck it through the hollow core of a length of cord (about 2/3 the length of folded wire), and ended up with a very servicable stalk. I had to twist the wire around the cord at one end to fix the cord in place, but it was otherwise pretty sturdy. So, I made a handful, sewed them into a bunch, and stuck 'em into the top of my daikon.

These pictures are from the maiden voyage of Faux Daikon MkI. We were pretty happy with it. The final version will have a face on it though, something like the one in this picture from Wikimedia:

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