Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Now I Know I How to Get Felt Balls.

It's been a bit slow around here, makin' stuff-wise. I've been slogging away at the zig-zag socks. The first one is finished, voila!

Also, I am very proud of the toe, check out this seamless grafting.

I'm usually rubbish at grafting, but I have mastered it thanks to this brilliant step-by-step guide to Kitchener stitch on Knitty.

Apart from this, the only thing I have been making is felt balls. I was shopping for stuff to make a thing for a friend (will post pics when I have photos of this thing in action), when I came across a little doohicky for making felt balls. Was it another crafting gizmo I was going to use once or twice and then forget? Maybe. But did I neeeeeeed it or I'd explode? Definitvely. Look, it's quite dinky:

It's ever so easy to use. You just put the wool in, and shake it around in soapy water for half a minute, then you shake it some more. It's quite good fun, kinda like playing maracas. Then you roll them around on a towel for a bit, and ta-dahh! You have balls.

Here are the initial results. A couple of them went a bit awry, but it's pretty easy to get a reasonably solid little nugget. I think I like the blue and green one in the back best - it looks a bit like an Earth-like planet.

Ooooooh, the possibilities!