Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Imaginary Japanese Highschool Boyfriend Knits. Does Yours?

Happy New Year! I got some really phat loots for Consumermas. Dear SO gave me a copy of Duel Love, which is the most hilarious thing ever. It's a dating sim, but it centres around the members of a highschool boxing club, and you have to help them train and look after their injuries. If you do it right, you unlock big pictures of the boy concerned doing something cute. For instance, knitting:

Awwww... I couldn't understand the text exactly (it's in Japanese), but I think he was offering to knit me a scarf. Maybe I'll just get him to teach me how to cable...

Back in the real world, I finished those legwarmers... But I've misplaced one already. (Argh!) So, here's just one, for your enjoyment.

I really like the zig-zag pattern. I'm very happy with them. I wish I had the other one, so I could wear them!

Also, here's the sock. Heel is done and foot is underway.

I keep reminding myself I still have to do sock #2 after this one. Mustn't get too excited because then I'll feel disappointed and unmotivated after the toe.