Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tawashi Explosion!!!

One of the things I love about Japan is the huge range of really interesting craft books that are easily available. I am building up quite a library of books full of ideas just slightly outside of what I usually find outside. If I need blog space filler I might run you through a few :)

One of the books I've bought and actually made things out of is called 'Gotouchi Kyara Tawashi de Ecoraifu' (or roughly 'Eco-life with Local Character Tawashi'), by Sachiyo Fukao. It's a book of crochet mascot tawashi for every prefecture in Japan. Soo cute!

There are 61 tawashi (some prefectures have two), so I figured out what the minimum number of colours of yarn I could get to make the maximum number of tawashi. I ended up buying red, black, yellow and white. I've made six so far: a toki (Niigata), a daruma (Gunma), a kibidango (Okayama), an octopus (Hyogo), a ninja (Mie) and a donko mushroom(Oita).

Here's a closer look at them:

As you can see, at about the ninja I got a bit bored of the prescribed colourways. So I have a DOOM NINJA tawashi... And that mushroom is probably not as edible as the donko it was based on.

So, now I have six tawashi... Too bad I never do the dishes :P