Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Weakness For Shiny Things

Do you remember when you were a kid and you were told to go and tidy your room? How you'd start but get distracted part way through - instead of tidying, you'd just be playing with the toys you were supposed to be putting away. Well, that happened to me when I was sorting through my nascent craft box on the weekend. I came across the following things:

1) A large, decorative safety pin that I found on the ground a while ago. (I'm such a magpie. I always pick up shiny things I see on the ground.)

2) A 'silver' chain necklace that I had to stop wearing because the cheap metal was giving me a rash on my neck.

3) A random 10cm length of chain that I picked up fuck-knows-where.

4) A brooch back that came off a broken badge.

Looking at this random constellation of junk reminded me of the dangly chain pins that the trendy host boys wear on their shiny suit jackets. I find the host boys fascinating - they're just so exuberantly, un-ironically trash and their hair is some kind of miracle of engineering. They are like some kind of exotic wildlife. And they are shiny. So very, very shiny. So, with a few jump-rings that I fished out of my craft box, I cobbled together the following item in honour of the host boys:

It is the dangliest of all dangly chains. Kind of half-way between a necklace and a brooch. A brooch-lace, maybe?

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  1. Kinda kinky... I think I've read a little too much smut :P