Monday, May 4, 2009

Why, Yes. I Do Have Too Much Time On My Hands.

So, Samurai Champloo, yeah? Hell, yes. You know what I'm saying. Talk about a series composed entirely of win and awesome. There are many, many things I appreciate about this anime, but in particular it taps into my chronic weakness for pale, dark-eyed boys who wear glasses.

So, don't question it. Just marvel at my awesome, snuggly, Jin-tastic new pyjamas:
(Once again, photo credits go to Dear Younger Sibling, who also insisted that I pose with his old shinai.)

I am particularly proud of the top because, yes, it is actually a kimono. I made it according to the directions in 'Making Kimono and Japanese Clothes' by Jenni Dobson. It's a pretty good book, though the instructions are kinda wordy and a bit hard to follow. Once I figured out what they meant, though, the actual process was easy-peasy. Just a lot of very long seams. I'm keen to make more, out of things that are not flanelette. (But, oh! I do love flanny jammies. Snugleeeee...)

The diamonds were a bit of a pain, all that fiddly cutting-out and folding over and stitching corners in place... Until Dad said "What about if you use the iron-on bonding stuff?" "What iron-on bonding stuff?" Said I. "THIS iron-on bonding stuff," said Dad, after rummaging around somewhere in the depths. This house is truly a Mary Poppins bag of craft supplies. And iron-on bonding is my new favourite thing. Good work, Dad!

Oh, glee. I love it when a crazy idea comes to fruition.

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