Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've been meaning to blog for a while, but I keep playing Plants vs. Zombies instead. It's a problem.

Well, I finally finished Dad's jumper. It's come out a treat. I knew I was on the right track when one of my aunts picked up a partly-done sleeve and spontaneously remarked "It's a bit Time Team, isn't it?".

Here's the jumper in action:

Having completed this mammoth (for me) project, I indulged in a little instant gratification and stash-busting:

Dragonfly, by Kate Jeffery, is a free download on Ravelry. It's a little fiddly just because there are so few stitches, but it's otherwise pretty straightforward. Good stuff.

The cat and the cupcake are from 'Amiguruni World' by Ana Paula Rimoli, or based on the patterns in there (screwed the cupcake up a little, but it's still cakey 'n cute). It's a pretty good book. I got it out of the library, but I might buy it sometime when I have cash for these sorts of things...

Also, some sewing has been happening. I used a little more of Dear Younger Sibling's jeans scraps to make a choker and matching wrist cuff:

And I made myself some summer trousers. The pattern I started with was McCalls 8576, but I mucked around with it big time. I've had the pattern for about ten years though, and when I first cut it out I was a bit skinnier. Also, the pattern expects me to go in A LOT further in the waist than I do (it's designed for frickin' Betty Boop or something...) so I had to extemporise a larger size as I cut out the pattern. This has led to the trousers not fitting quite the same way as the ones on the pattern envelope, but they do fit ME comfortably, which is the main thing. I whacked some belt loops on, because I like to wear my awesome belt at all times and I also like to have my wallet in my back pocket without my trousers falling down. So I added pockets, too. And I stuck the zip in the front instead of the back, because if you're wearing a belt, you want your fly in the front. Then I added a little tab over the top of the fly to make it look tidier. I lengthened the legs, because I felt like having extra-long, crinkly trousers. And to make things really weird, I randomly decided to cut some of the patterns on the bias, for extra crazy tartan insanity. Yeah, so... I guess they're not really McCalls 8576 at all by now.

So, I'm gonna try and not make anything for the rest of this week, since I am trying to finish reading Godel Escher Bach before I jet away at the end of the week. It's probably the best book ever, but goddamn it's huge and heavy and I'd prefer to not have to lug it back to Japan with me...

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