Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Winners Circle

Way-hey! It's Chocolate Day, yummo...

Look out, I'm making stuff!

(Table? What table? Heh heh.)

I put the power of my sugar-high to good use today, and got stuck into jazzing up a skirt I've had for a while but never wear. It was a good skirt, and an excellent colour of red, but it just lacked a certain something... I decided the 'certain something' was a smattering of bold circles drawn from my scrap stash. (Hooray stash-busting again!) So, now it's like I have a new skirt, for free! (Double Hooray!)

Also, I've started knitting a jumper for my Dad. Dad's a big fan of Time Team, and also of brightly coloured clothes, so he's very taken with the stripy jumper that Mick often wears on the show. The jumper I'm making is not an exact replica, but follows in the spirit of the original.

Once this is done, we'll never lose Dad in the fog again.

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