Monday, April 6, 2009

The Primeval Struggle of Woman Vs. Scarf

I went away for the weekend, so didn't get much making done. What I did do, though, was FINALLY get back the scarf I started knitting for my dear Significant Other late last year.

The scarf was designed to his specifications, i.e. "I want one like that other one you made, except with one seemingly minor difference that makes it disproportinately more difficult". The difference in this case being a stripe that runs the length of the scarf. I thought I'd be clever and knit it length-wise rather than width-wise. Silly me... Of course, events over took me. It wasn't done by the time we left Australia, so I took all the yarn with me to finish it. Unfortunately, I am completely useless at estimating yarn amounts, and was woefully short of yarn. In addition to this, it was a very boring project to knit, compared to all the lovely, shiny yarn that one can easily acquire in Osaka. So the scarf got extremely shelved, in favour of dinky legwarmers and the like.

Until this weekend. Armed with a yarn top-up from Spotlight (the original yarn was from Lincraft, but luckily one black dk wool looks much like another), I returned to the fray(ing edge) and finally put the beast to bed. Just in time for him to not need to wear it in spring. (Gah!)

Geez, it's just a scarf... I can't believe it was such a frickin' trial.


  1. Looks good, should suit him very well, very well indeed.

  2. yay! just in time for summer!

    but seriously, that is an awesome scarf!