Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feelin' Fruity

I love me some Japanese street fashion. In particular, I find the whole loligoth thing fascinating. While I was in Japan, I picked up a great loligoth dressmaking magazine, choc full of patterns for various intricate outfits. A lot of it was really fiddly, but there was a section on how to make various types of basic petticoat, which I found mysteriously fascinating. I'm not really a ruffles and frills kind of gal, but I enjoy a touch of the absurd when getting dressed, and I admire anything that smacks of "I'll wear what I damn well please, to hell with reality". Which brings us to today's project, in which I let my inner loligoth out to play, just a little.

This is just about the easiest thing I have ever sewn. I started with 4m of 160cm wide spotty tulle, which I seamed it into a massive tube. Then I folded the tube in half into itself, so that I had a double-thickness tube. I sewed a channel into the fold, and passed elastic through that. Once it was adjusted to fit my waist, voila! Basic petticoat.

It looked alright like that, but I decided it would look better with a bit of ruching, to work the ample amount of tulle to best effect. Not too much ruching though, 'cos I'm lazy. So I just chucked a few in around the front.

I found the best way to gather the tulle was to knot a seed bead into the end of my thread, and just tack straight up from the hem (the fabric selvedge formed the hem, so no hemming was required, hooray!). Then I just pulled until it looked right, and stitched another seed bead in to fix the thread. The seed beads stop the thread from pulling through the tulle, without making huge ugly knots necessary.

Here's the result, underneath an almost-too-tiny mini-kilt I've had for some time.


  1. Not sure I like the tartan with the petticoat.... might do better with something more solid in colour or with lace...

  2. oh, yeah... that was just the nearest skirt i had to hand, to maintain my modesty