Monday, March 30, 2009

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

It seems that no crafter worth her or his salt is without a blog these days, so here's my offering to the great black hole of narcissism that is the internet.

Having recently inherited and enormous amount of crafting materials, and having a large amount of time on my hands, I am planning a Month of Making in April. Hopefully this will give the blog a good kick-start. I'm always farting around with something or other though, so I'm sure I'll always have something to stick up here in the further future.

So, be warned: Craft Geekery Ahead!

Here's the last thing I made: a lined crochet basket that I filled with chocs and sent to a friend for her birthday.

It's made out of normal ol' twine, left over from bundling up old magazines for dispatch to new homes. I just made it up as I went along, starting with a spiral of single crochet (two st in every st as I went around). When I thought the base was big enough, I changed to just one st in every st to make the sides (though I wasn't concentrating too hard, so I think some extras slipped in there. I reckon that's why it flares into a bowl when I was expecting straight sides). For a bit of punch, I made the last round a row of treble crochet, which created a jaunty fold-down rim.

Constructing the lining was a little interesting. I started out by figuring out the length from the centre of the bottom to the rim - kind of the internal radius of the basket. I added a centimetre for seam allowance, then did myself up a circle template, and cut the circle out of my fabric. I just folded about 1 cm under all around the edge and whipstitched it to the top edge of the basket with normal sewing thread. The twine wasn't too hard to stick a normal needle through. The lining was a little baggy, but nicely so, I thought. Easy peasy.

Aren't the butterflies cute, btw? I was really pleased with how the fabric toned with the cheerful yellow of the twine.